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A Weekend Getaway at The Red Lion Inn with South Shore Foodies

A Weekend Getaway at The Red Lion Inn with South Shore Foodies

By Sarah Adamski

We recently welcomed back E + B from South Shore Foodies to The Red Lion Inn for a special weekend getaway! After having their wedding at The Red Lion Inn in October 2019, it was a new experience being back during the summertime. Keep reading to hear about E + B’s next chapter at The Red Lion Inn…

The Inn

Q. What was your general feeling being back at the inn? What makes it [The Red Lion Inn] so special for you?

A. As you can imagine, The Red Lion Inn is very near and dear to our hearts, not only because it was the perfect, mystical venue for our wedding, but it also is a spot we have utilized for date nights. Being back at the inn, my wife and I experienced a flood of emotions we hadn’t had in some time. This was the place where we shared our first dance and started our life together as Mr. and Mrs. Coyne.

The Innkeeper, Andrew Post, greeted us cheerfully and started chatting with us and was ever so helpful. Andrew helped us with our luggage and escorted us to our room. Upon entering, we were surprised with various chocolates, a beautiful card, and high quality champagne (on fresh ice, mind you!). We were so impressed, grateful, and humbled; we thanked Andrew, and on his way out the door he reminded us to let him know if we’d like fresh baked croissants in the morning, which we naturally obliged.

Q. What are some of your favorite aspects about The Red Lion Inn? 

A. The Red Lion Inn is unlike any other accommodation on the South Shore; as well as anywhere we have been recently, for that matter. It is the exception to the rule in what currently exists in the hospitality industry today. The Red Lion Inn deeply cares about its patrons and the overall experience of their stay. For the duration of our stay we were often asked if we had everything we needed, any questions about the area, and was the room up to the highest standards. Moreover, The Red Lion Inn is historical and has character, with an aesthetic beauty with its beautiful king pine flooring, exposed pine beams and antique nails. Further, the food and cocktails at the Red Lion Tavern are unparalleled – I have yet to find another restaurant that has the depth and menu optionality.

Q. What makes it [The Red Lion Inn] stand out from other properties on the South Shore?

A. No other restaurants on the South Shore compare to the Red Lion Inn and Tavern. It is unique, rare, historical, accommodating, comfortable and the food and drinks are terrific – what’s not to love?

"The Red Lion Inn is unlike any other accommodation on the South Shore; as well as anywhere we have been recently, for that matter. It is the exception to the rule in what currently exists in the hospitality industry today." - Brendan

The Tavern

Q. What were some of your favorite dishes and cocktails at The Tavern?

A. Trying to find the best “spresso tini” on the South Shore, we decided to get two Espresso Martinis, which were delightful – these were so good and strong, you couldn’t even taste the booze and the coffee was of high quality. We decided to start the night off with the Day Boat Scallops. The scallops were tender, sweet, and seared to perfection. My favorite I have had so far this summer.

While dining, we were warmly greeted by Paul Sylvia, the General Manager of The Red Lion Tavern, who was incredibly accommodating, with a general interest in how our stay was, and if the food was cooked as we wished. Before he left, he surprised us with a special appetizer of Australian Winter Truffles, and The Tavern’s homemade focaccia bread to soak up the remaining truffle dish’s succulent sauce. The raviolis were so rich and decadent; I wish we had had more! Liz and I both decided that this was our favorite meal of the night, because of the decadence of the raviolis combined with the complexity of the black truffles.

For our entrees, we decided on the Ricotta Gnudi and the New York Sirloin, which were incredible! We loved the Ricotta Gnudi, and it was our second-favorite dish; although, the New York Sirloin was right up there, as well! Although feeling full after all of the wonderful dishes, on Paul’s recommendation, we ended the night with some incredible beignets in a chocolate sauce. They melted in your mouth and would remind you of churros or fresh fried doughnuts – a must get!

After we finished our meal, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet Executive Chef Richmond Edes who is changing the culinary game in Cohasset and the greater south shore. His food is dynamic, fun, and interesting with various flavors and colors – and also incredibly delicious.

The Experience

Q. What were some differences staying at the inn during the summertime, as opposed to the fall when your wedding took place?

A. When we were married in October, The Red Lion Inn felt more of a warm, hidden refuge away from the elements. A tavern, and place of respite to get out of the cold and enjoy a nice pint by the fire and have a hearty meal to get you through to your destination.

However, in the summer, everything felt bright and new – it was truly wonderful being able to see the grounds in full bloom, smell the flowers and watch the honeybees buzzing, the sound of the little creeks and birds chirping on the property. It was very relaxing; watching patrons wading in the pool with a drink in their hand and making small talk with others on the boardwalk.

The Red Lion Inn has always exceeded my expectations, and we highly recommend you stay a night or book a weekend getaway. You will not be disappointed!