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Red Lion Weddings: Spotlight on E + B

Red Lion Weddings: Spotlight on E + B

By Sarah Adamski

For our June Red Lion Weddings spotlight, we’re reminiscing on E + B’s wedding, as we get ready to welcome this lovely couple back for a very special stay. Stay tuned for our second blog post featuring E + B, and their experience returning to the inn this summer for their next chapter at the Red Lion Inn!

Q. You & your spouse’s names, and when did you get married?

A. Elizabeth Diane Coyne and Brendan Martin Coyne, and we got married on October 26th, 2019.

Q. How did you meet?

A. In true “Coyne fashion,” Brendan was nervous to meet his charming classmate Liz for dinner and actually postponed his first two dates with her. He finally mustered up the courage, though and as they say, the rest is history. While both were students at Bridgewater State University in 2013, Brendan and Liz were paired together on a group project for political science class; while Brendan may have charmed her, he also likely left her wondering why she was stuck completing his portion of the work for the group project. Their chemistry sparked and blossomed into a close friendship, and after the two false starts they went on their first date, to the Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham, where they shared their first kiss.

Q. What was your proposal like?

A. The proposal was a magical experience. Our friends from out of state, along with a few family members came over for a Christmas party on December 23rd, 2017. We all participated in a traditional Yankee Swap and, as though through Divine Intervention, Brendan picked the #1 out of a hat. So, he was able to pick the first gift, as well as get the option to swap once everyone opened up a present. Instead of picking another present, Brendan turned on one of their favorite songs, Greatest Love Story by LANCO, looked directly at Liz and told her that “he didn’t need to swap for another present, since he already had the greatest gift in the world: her.” At that moment, Brendan got down on one knee, and asked Liz to marry him – after some crying and muffled noises, SHE SAID YES!

Q. How did you hear about the Red Lion Inn?

A. Word of mouth and hearing first-hand experiences. We had heard of a handful of other couples that had gotten married there and that the experience was “magical” inside the barn. After meeting with a few other local venues, Liz and I decided to give Red Lion a try, and we inquired within for a meeting. So, in short, we heard about the RLI through classic word of mouth and hearing couples’ first-hand experiences.

Q. What made you choose the Red Lion Inn?

A. Once we walked around the barn and the exterior of the property, coupled with the historical vibes of the Inn and friendly staff, we started talking, imagining and envisioning the lights, the tables, and the décor and our overall wedding vibe; after that, we were hooked. To this day, we still talk about and hear from others how great our wedding was – and without fail, people mention that the RLI is what made it so special.

"I am truly grateful, and thank you so much for executing our vision and creating a venue and atmosphere that has created a vast array of positive emotions and memories that will last a lifetime." - Brendan

Q. What was your favorite part of the planning process?

A. I have to give the credit on this question to Liz, as she was the defacto wedding planner. Our wedding coordinator at the RLI Jen was truly the best! She ensured our vision was executed and was patient, caring, and understanding throughout the entire process.

Q. What was the most memorable part of the day?

A. Liz: Our first dance was so special to me for so many reasons. Looking back on the photos from that evening, you can see Brendan and I truly just taking in the moment while all of our friends and family surround us. There was such an insurmountable feeling of love in that barn.

Brendan: Walking down the stairs to our entrance song “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News and descending on our family and friends was a powerful moment for me, and is still etched into my brain. However, though, I have to say that the most important moment for me was my first dance with Liz. Even though I was terribly nervous, we nailed the song, the dance, and I didn’t drop Liz when we did our spin and when we did our final drop and I kissed her at the end.

Q. Apart from the Barn, what is your favorite space at the Red Lion Inn property, and why?

A. Other than the Barn, we love the Red Lion Tavern. The history, charm, and warmth of the restaurant are like nothing else on the South Shore. It reminds us of a quaint restaurant or pub you would find on the countryside of Ireland: friendly staff, a warm fire crackling in the background, exposed pine beams, and great food and drinks. This is one of our winter go-to spots.

Q. What was your favorite menu item served at your wedding?

A. This is a challenging question, because everything was incredible. But, if I had to choose, I would say the braised short rib was so tender and mouth-watering. But, because of wedding priorities, I didn’t get to finish it!

Q. What is one piece of advice that you would like to give future RLI couples?

A. We have been to many weddings and have seen many wedding venues. This seems self-absorbed, but every time we always compare to our wedding because that is our baseline. Nothing has ever even come close to the experience at the RLI – I recall my great friend saying, “We had a great time – world class wedding – I haven’t been to one like that in a long time.”

So, If you want an overall stress-free wedding planning experience, a rustic venue with an exposed-beam Vermont-style barn, and an overall magical wedding experience that will create memories and conversation for the rest of your life, choose the Red Lion Inn – trust me, your expectations will be exceeded in every way.

Q. Any feedback that you have for our events team:

A. Everything went so perfectly; we don’t really have any feedback, except maybe find more Jen’s! In all seriousness, however, my feedback is that I am truly grateful, and thank you so much for executing our vision and creating a venue and atmosphere that has created a vast array of positive emotions and memories that will last a lifetime.