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Red Lion Weddings: Spotlight on P + P

Red Lion Weddings: Spotlight on P + P

By Sarah Adamski

“May your love continue to blossom each and every spring” – anonymous. For this month’s Red Lion Weddings blog spotlight, we are highlighting P + P, who started their forever with us a few years ago 💗

Q. You & your spouse’s names, and when did you get married?

A. Paige & Phil DuBois, and we got married on December 11th, 2021.

Q. How did you meet?

A. Phil and I met at a Halloween party in downtown Boston in 2012. I was dressed as Indiana Joanna and Phil was dressed as a caveman. We landed on the same flip team and from then on out we were inseparable. Phil took me to dinner the very next night on Newbury street and told me he loved me and that he was going to marry me… I didn’t believe him! Here we are 😊

Q. What was your proposal like?

A. We both love to travel together. Since we are lucky to visit many beautiful places we would always get asked before a big trip- “is he going to propose this trip?!” etc. So before each trip Phil would sit me down and say “it’s not going to be this trip, I want to make sure it’s special and that you are totally surprised.” Fast forward 7 years we won a trip to Sulmona, Italy while attending Taste of the North End in Boston. I had no idea that Phil had the proposal planned for this trip. One night at dinner, in true Phil fashion we had a long talk about getting engaged. After multiple bottles of wine and in pure bliss, Phil looked at me and said “its happening soon, Paigey, just not on this trip.” I smiled as I was so happy to hear it was on the horizon. Later that night on our walk home from dinner- Phil proposed in the piazza in Sulmona. It was the best surprise ever as I truly had no idea! We both just cried, it was intimate, after a great meal and in a romantic city. We were thrilled. I recommend this to everyone- it is totally worth the wait and the surprise!

Q. How did you hear about the Red Lion Inn?

A. I was doing a lot of research on New England weddings and found myself watching wedding videos on YouTube. I noticed that I watched 3 in a row that were all at the Red Lion! I kept gravitating towards that vibe. I later unpacked that I had some coworkers and mutual friends who married at the Red Lion as well and had rave reviews.

Q. What made you choose the Red Lion Inn?

A. What we loved most about the Red Lion is that it was enough of an escape from Boston so it felt “different,” yet it was easy enough for family to travel to (my family was all traveling from NY). Finally the selling point for us was not only the lovely interior (cozy pub-feel, elegant barn and amazing chandelier in main room), but that all of our bridesmaids, groomsmen and immediate family would have a room at the Inn. It was perfectly cozy, chic and comfortable for our most important guests. Adding the after party right downstairs as well was a game changer- no one ever stopped dancing and getting back to your rooms was a breeze! We used Boston Trolley to get our guests home safely, and I highly recommend as it was a breeze! Overall, Red Lion was a one-stop-shop for us and gave us the inviting New England vibe we’d always imagined.

"HAVE FUN! You will never get this moment back. Embrace it all, it truly all works out in the end." - Paige

Q. What was your favorite part of the planning process?

A. Working with Jen Crook was lovely. Jen and the rest of the team put up with us throughout Covid and was right there every step of the way when we postponed. Once Covid restrictions were lifted and we approached our date it was such a pleasure to do the tastings and discuss all of the small details in person with Jen. She just GOT IT! She has incredible patience, years of experience and most of all she was always honest which is what this indecisive bride needed!

Q. What was the most memorable part of the day?

A. Too many to list! We both agreed it was officially being married and reaching the top of the stairs for cocktail hour. Getting to greet all of your guests, no more stress and admiring you and your fiancés hard work was a feeling I’ll never forget. We got married when the Inn was decorated for Christmas and the feeling I felt that entire day was something I hadn’t felt since being a little girl on Christmas. It was simply magical. We NEVER stopped dancing!

Q. Apart from the Barn, what is your favorite space at the Red Lion Inn property, and why?

A. My bridesmaids and I loved getting ready at the Hillside House. It was perfectly secluded, lighting was fantastic and it was comfortable and most of all pretty for photos, hair and makeup for such a large wedding party!

Q. What was your favorite menu item served at your wedding?

A. Mini clam chowders and the short rib!

Q. What is one piece of advice that you would like to give future RLI couples?

A. Have your rehearsal dinner at Tosca, it was lovely and delicious. Go to TOWN decorating the stair case, you will be glad you did it 😊 HAVE FUN! You will never get this moment back. Embrace it all, it truly all works out in the end. Finally, the staff really knows what they are doing. I remember being so proud that I didn’t need help getting out of my dress that I went to the Bridal Suite alone to change into my party dress. (I didn’t want to make any of my friends leave the dancefloor). I realized after 2 minutes that I definitely needed help- haha! I opened the door to find Jen and Sam waiting for me. They just knew I would need help and it was a moment I’ll always cherish.

Q. Any feedback that you have for our events team:

A. Thank you for making our night so special. Everyone from Jen, to Sam, to Andrew at the front desk and finally Toufik, after too many tequilas he escorted me and my bridesmaids back up to the bridal suits. It meant a lot that the staff had our best interests top of mind even after, the after party!